Global Portability Matrix

This page contains is a Portability Matrix showing how each of ICREPs member’s (National Registers) registrations categories matches against other ICREPs members.  This will be of particular use to exercise professionals who have completed training and registered in one country, but intend to travel and work in another country that has an ICREPs member National Register.

Important points to remember for exercise professionals considering moving between ICREPs member countries:

  • In all cases, it is important to note that registration is portable between ICREPs members, not qualification (ie you should register with the country where you undertook your training before travelling to the new country – this will make any registration as simple as possible).
  • Each ICREPs member may also have unique requirements for registration that can only be met from within their own country (e.g. local CPR or local first aid).  For more information on the exact requirements of registration, contact the ICREPs member directly (click on the logos below)
  • Membership of ICREPs by a national register does not automatically provide global portability for exercise professionals registered with them.  Once a register joins ICREPs, a mapping process is undertaken, and any gaps are identified between other ICREPs members, and this information is added to the Global Matrix.  This mapping needs to be completed (depending on the complexity of the country’s registration levels and qualification systems, this could some time) before any information can be added to the Global Matrix.
  • Portability of registration does NOT confer the right to work in another country (i.e. it does not override immigration/work visa rules).
    ICREPs play no part in the work-visa process.

IMPORTANT: ICREPs is a membership-based organisation (meaning members must meet criteria and apply for membership to be part of ICREPs).  All members are eligible to undertake mapping against other ICREPs countries, with the ultimate outcome of being part of the Global Portability Matrix, which assists exercise professionals in understanding the requirements of each register as they relate to other ICREPs members. Not all ICREPs members have undertaken the mapping.


  1. Canada is presently in the process of being mapped (2019).
  2. This Global Portability Matrix shows a matching of ICREPs members (ie National Registration Bodies) and does not include individual reviews/mapping undertaken by ICREPs members, nor does it include any reviews/mapping undertaken by ICREPs for courses in non ICREPs member countries