Membership Overview

ICREPs is an international community of registration organisations that register exercise professionals. 

The benefits of ICREPs membership include:

– Peer-to-peer support for establishing and growing a national register for exercise professionals

– Inclusion in the ICREPs Registration Portability Guide

– Participation in the global conversations, activities, and events that define and shape the future of the exercise profession

For enquiries about joining ICREPs or how to establish a national register for exercise professionals, please contact Tom Richards, ICREPs Executive Director, at Tom(at) 

Member Eligibility

To be eligible for ICREPs membership, a national register must meet the following criteria: 

  • Currently registering exercise professionals
  • Operating Independently of all training providers
  • Serving the industry as a non-profit organization (where applicable) 
  • Supported by the exercise/fitness industry


ICREPs supports the development of one registration system per country. Where more than one registration system meets the above criteria, ICREPs will recognise the system that demonstrates the most quantifiable industry support with the country. 

Organisations that do not yet meet all of the above criteria, but are actively working towards meeting the criteria, may join ICREPs as a provisional member.

Registers that operate in an area smaller than a country (e.g. a provence or state) where no national register is in operation may also apply for provisional membership.