This page contains resources for organisations wishing to explore setting up a national register, as well as our global matrix for portability of exercise professionals.

1) Information for setting up a register (includes a free sample copy of the global template standards adopted by ICREPs, as well as a guide to setting up a register)

2) For a global portability matrix of ICREPs members registration categories (useful for exercise professionals who are considering travel/work between countries)




A legally registered entity (training organisation) in the country they are delivering structured education against a syllabus. A training provider will have tried and tested protocols, systems and processes covering learner enrolment, delivery of education, formative and summative assessment methods, communication infrastructure, record keeping, recruitment of faculty, data protection and legal policies.

As well as providing adequate learning support services to their students, training providers must have suitably qualified staff (technically and professionally qualified tutors, assessors and internal quality assurers) who are all familiar with assessment methods. The tools used to measure the requirements for the unit standard and/or qualification must be fair, valid and reliable, and used to enhance learning.

The financial health of the legal entity (training organisation) on applying must be soluble and the organisation must demonstrate capacity to grow.